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Coronavirus - we are open with safety procedures in place.

Your First Appointment

Cat with diary for first appointmentActive Pet specialises in helping your dog, cat or rabbit recover from injury or surgery.  We help minimise the physical effects of aging caused by osteoarthritis and other degenerative conditions using a holistic and often multi-modal approach. Do book your first appointment with us as soon as you notice any changes or problems.  Tackling any problems early on will ensure that your pet stays as comfortable and active as possible throughout their lifetime.

Due to Coronavirus the first part of your pet’s assessment is a video consultation.  This allows us to go through everything that has happened with your pet so we can gauge how much their condition is currently affecting them.  You will receive a link for your video consultation when you book your first appointment and a reminder the day before your appointment.  The link allows you to ensure the connection is working so you can have a practice before your video consult if you want to.  For the video consultation we do not need to have your pet present (although they are welcome to join if they want!).

The second part of the assessment is at the clinic.  Please arrive in plenty of time so that your pet can relax and go for a toilet trip if needed.  There is ample parking right outside, so you and your pet won’t have to walk far.  At the moment we can’t help you get your pet out of your car so do bring assistance if you think you will need it.  Weather permitting we will watch your dog move around in the car park.  If you have a cat or rabbit or if it’s inclement weather then we can do this inside.   Unfortunately we are not allowed to have clients in the building at the moment so we are asking you to wait in the car while your pet has the hands-on part of their assessment.

At your first appointment our Vets do a thorough clinical examination of your pet to look at their general health, their muscles, joints and soft tissues.  We look to see if there are any painful or stiff areas.  We check whether any areas of your pet’s body have less muscle than they should and we make sure that your pet’s tendons and ligaments are working correctly.  Our Vet will perform a basic neurological examination to see how your pet’s nerves are working.  This enables us to check how well your pet’s brain is receiving and processing the messages from their body about balance and movement.

Once the examination is complete we can discuss with you what treatments would be beneficial for your pet.  There is often more than one treatment option so we work with you to determine which is going to be the best for you and your pet.  If we are able, we usually try to give your pet their first treatment at their assessment.

If our Vets recommend any at-home exercises then we will show you how to do them to make sure that you are happy and confident to do them yourself.  We appreciate that it is hard to take everything in at one appointment so you will receive a detailed report and copies of any exercises we have advised, normally within 48 hours of your appointment.  We  send a report to your normal Veterinary Surgeon so that they are kept informed of your pet’s treatment and we send them regular progress reports thereafter.

The current cost of your pet’s assessment appointment which includes the video consultation, clinic visit and written reports for you and your Vet is £145.00.  While we are qualified Veterinary Surgeons, we do require consent from your current veterinary practice to see your pet.  We are happy to organise this for you or you can contact your current Veterinary Surgeon yourself if you would prefer.  Payment is required at the time of your clinic visit and we are currently taking credit card payments over the telephone while you are in the car park.  We do not do direct claims with insurance companies but are happy to complete insurance forms for you.  There is no charge for completing one insurance claim per month.

If you would like any more information, have any questions or would like to book your pet’s first appointment then please give us a call on 01494 725968 or use our contact page to get in touch.

We look forward to meeting you and your pet soon!