Rufus enjoying his underwater treadmill session
Rufus enjoying his underwater treadmill session

So we had a reporter round last week as the local newspaper was very excited to hear about the clinic as there are very few rehabilitation centres for pets in the UK.  Laura the reporter for Coleshill and the surrounding area was very interested in finding out what we do at the clinic and how it helps pets get better.  She met Mowgli the cat who was in for his session after he was hit by a car 5 months ago.  Laura also met Rufus the Labrador who was very lame on his right front leg when he first came to the clinic in January this year.  Rufus has elbow dysplasia and this has led to bad arthritis in both of his elbows but particularly his right one and he used to hold this leg up all the time.  I have been working to build up his muscle on his right leg, whilst keeping him pain-free and we are all really pleased with his progress and his owners report he is a much happier dog who is now looking forward to an active summer…weather permitting of course!!!

Here is the link to the article on the Get Bucks website, alternatively you can find it on our Facebook page or as a hard copy in the Bucks or Beaconsfield Advertiser newspaper.  I hope you enjoy it!

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