Don’t wait until it starts causing pain and issues before getting treatment! 

Unfortunately we see lots of dogs and cats who have been diagnosed with hip or elbow dysplasia at an early age.  Many of them have not been recommended any preventative care or treatment.

There is so much we can do to help slow the progression of problems.  We commonly see arthritis, due to hip and elbow dysplasia.  We will often find loss of muscle and sore muscles secondary to arthritis pain.  This can be at the site of the dysplasia or elsewhere in the body.

At Active Pet our Vets can organise strengthening programs to help improve the muscle and mobility around the affected joints. We chat to you about pain relieving treatments if your dog or cat has any discomfort. Our Vets can advise on exercise and walks, diet and nutrition to keep your pet happy and active.

It makes us sad when we see pets, who due to their dysplasia, have joints that have got so stiff and sore it is severely hampering their mobility. If we had met them earlier we could have done so much to help prevent them getting like this.

Give us a call on 01494 725968 or email us at to book in your pet’s dysplasia assessment and find out how much you could be doing to help prevent future problems.

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