Cat and dog body score chart
Cat and dog body score chart – click on the picture to enlarge

Have you got a porky pooch or a podgy pussy cat? It seems that everyone has started on their New Year fitness regimes and it is an ideal time to see if your pet might benefit from reducing any excess padding too.

Click on the chart to assess your pet and contact your Vet if you are unsure whether your pet is overweight. If your pet does need to regain their waistlines then please get in touch as we can offer nutritional advice and organise an fitness plan.

Both targeted strengthening exercises at home and hydrotherapy on the underwater treadmill will help your pet to lose weight in a safe, controlled way that is gentle on their joints. Weight loss has been shown to be of benefit in reducing the signs of osteoarthritis and preventing other problems such as diabetes. Please always consult a Veterinary Professional before embarking on a weight loss and fitness plan for your pet.

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