Danish Designs 2 in 1 dog coatWith Winter winds and rain still in full force make sure your older pets are kept warm and dry. This is especially important if they suffer from arthritis as lots of dogs and cats are much stiffer in the damp weather. When you are inside you could try covering them with a warm towel that has come off the radiator/out of the tumble dryer when they first get up in the morning or when they have been outside.

Older dogs who live indoors and aren’t so lively on their walks can benefit from a coat for outdoors. Even though they may have a fur coat if they are not cold acclimatised (i.e. live outdoors) then they can get quite cold if they are only walking slowly. Be sure to look for a coat that has a neck cover. At Active Pet we like the Danish designs 2 in 1 coat seen in the picture.

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