The Old School, Luckings Estate, Magpie Lane, Coleshill, Amersham. Bucks HP7 0LS.

Telephone: 01494 725968 Email:

Opening Hours - Mon- Fri 9am-6.30pm, Sat 9am-6.30pm.

Coronavirus - we are open with safety procedures in place.

Staying safe when you come for your appointment at Active Pet.

Cat in facemask

Unfortunately it seems Coronavirus is here to stay. For the moment we are keeping our protocols the same as they have been working well.

Help us to help safely treat your pet by:

  1. Ensuring you’ve popped your lead in the car before you leave for your appointment.
Dog lead - keep your dog safe by bringing your lead.
Don’t forget your dog too!

2. Making sure that your dog has had a toilet trip before they come to see us. If they do need to go please take them for a walk up the drive rather than around the car park.

Dogs watering tree. Keep dogs safe by taking them down the lane to toilet rather than in the clinic car park.
Come on guys, let’s give this tree a good watering!

3. Being on time for your visit. Everyone who has a mobile number and email on our system is getting their usual reminders before their appointments. We don’t want your pet to miss out on their treatment time.

Dog at car wheel - drive safely to your appointment and leave in plenty of time.
Quick, quick human, or we will be late to see Philippa and Michelle!

4. Not parking your car in front of the dog parking area. We have a lovely hook to pop your dog’s lead on which is by the second last window of the building. There should be plenty of room for four cars to park in front of the clinic with a safe distance between them. Please only use one car park space when parking your car.

Hook on wall of Active Pet to keep safe by social distancing
Let’s hook up!

5. Waiting IN the car with your pet until you are called for your appointment. Please don’t wander around the car park or wait outside by your car.

Dogs safely waiting in car
Darling, I hope you packed some bones for the kids to nibble on!

6. Making sure that your dog has their lead on BEFORE you get them out of the car. The car park is busy with traffic and we don’t want anyone escaping.

Dog free outside of car - keep them safe and on a lead.
Please keep me safe by putting my lead on.

7. Ensuring you have your mobile phone, payment card and diary with you. So we don’t keep you waiting, where we can we will call you to book your next appointment and take your payment while your pet is having their treatment.

Don't forget your phone, diary and credit card! We can keep you safe by phoning you in the car.
Hi there, I’d like to book my next appointment please.

We are doubly busy cleaning and ensuring that the clinic can continue to stay open during these testing times. We are constantly reviewing our protocols and adapting them so we can ensure your pet receives the best and safest care that we can provide.

Cat cleaning a room to keep it safe
Let’s get to it!

Thank you for your co-operation to help us run as smoothly as possible. If you would like to get in contact then drop us an email, call or use our contact page.

Philippa, Michelle and the Active Pet Team look forward to seeing you and your pet soon.

Hmmm…not sure about these facemask things…think I’ll leave them to the hoomans!

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